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"For Toledo"

In honor of our 50th Anniversary Celebration, we are excited to announce our partnership with Midstory to release "For Toledo." "For Toledo" is a four-installment series of thought-provoking pieces that delve into critical issues impacting the Toledo Region.

At Greater Toledo Community Foundation, we believe in the power of education, environmental consciousness, diversity in arts and culture, and a healthy public health system. Through "For Toledo," we aim to bring these topics to the forefront and showcase the innovative individuals and organizations who are working towards a more sustainable and equitable Toledo.

Over our celebratory year, there will be a four-installment series that showcase our mission towards making our community a more beautiful and viable place.

"For Toledo" | Part One | Innovative Literacy Efforts

"For Toledo" | Part Two | Hidden Gems

"For Toledo" | Part Three | Strokes of Color: Celebrating the Art of Toledo’s Latino Cultures

"For Toledo" | Part Four | More Than a Meal: How Toledo Is Combating a Food Insecurity Crisis